Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hell’s Kitchen: A Hell of an Embarrassment

Here’s a recap on the winners and their prize-status by season:

Season one, Michael Wray
- Promised Prize: The winner’s very own restaurant
- Did he get it? No, but it was his choice.

Season two, Heather West
- Promised Prize: Multi-million dollar restaurant in the billion dollar Red Rock resort in Las Vegas
- Did she get it? No. Heather was named senior chef (not executive chef, as was promised)

Season three, Rahman "Rock" Harper
- Promised Prize: The winner will run a Multi-million dollar restaurant in the Green Valley Ranch Resort
- Did he get it? Yes – and he fulfilled his contract.

Season four, Christina Machamer
- Promised Prize: The executive chef for Ramsay’s own restaurant, London West Hollywood in Los Angeles w/a salary of $250k
- Did she get it? No. But she got part of it. Christina was installed as a "senior sous chef" (not executive chef, as was promised in show-related publicity and press releases throughout the season) with a $250,000 salary.

Season five, Danny Veltri
- Promised Prize: Head chef at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City
- Did he get it? No. Veltri was employed as a sous chef under Stephen Kalt at Italian restaurant Fornelletto at the Borgata. However, they at least gave him a cash prize of $250k.

Season six, Dave Levey

- Promised Prize: Head Chef at Araxi Restaurant and Bar in Whistler, British Columbia
- Did he get it? No. He got the title “Head Chef”, but was treated like a line-cook, working under Executive Chef James Walt. This is a step down from the Executive Chef title he held prior to competing in Hell’s Kitchen. According to sources, Levey resigned from Araxi just a few weeks after.

Season seven, Holli Ugalde
- Promised Prize: Executive Chef at The Savoy in London
- Did she get it? We wouldn’t be writing this article if she had… They did give her a cash prize of an undisclosed amount. Unrelated, Ugalde has been recruited by B Ocean Fort Lauderdale to be their Signature Chef for the new restaurant they’re opening.

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